20th May 2011 Marriage of Rebecca and Chris.

I was very much looking forward to this day, A beautiful couple inside and out, who are so obviously in Love!!!

The sun was shining when the preparations started but then came a shower and another and another so the planned photo’s didn’t go to plan completely, that didn’t stop the laughter and tears.

Rebecca as I have never seen, helped everyone get ready before thinking of herself and when she walked down stairs she started to cry, seeing everyone else (Her Dad had tears also).

Ok I’ll keep it short but a few mentions, the Best-man!!! (well one of them, they had 2) came out of church a funny shade of green, he was so nervous about his speech whilst sat at the table waiting he chewed all his nails and many were taking the mickey out him (not helpful!!! ;)..) And Dad, what can I say, I have never heard a man talk about his daughter so affectionately and his new son in law, not forgetting his beautiful granddaughter, it was a beautiful speech to match a wonderful day.

And finally, the evening oh my!!! the DJ arrived and set up for 8pm by 8.30pm the dance floor was full and according to guests it stayed that way all night, I was so impressed with him that I booked him, take a look on facebook for him (if your in the north-west of England)

Thank you to Rebecca and Chris for the privilege of taking the photos of your magical day.

Love and happiness to you both xxx


Have you heard???

No seriously, we all know that facebook have so many giveaway’s, very kind of all vendors to donate such prizes and sometimes it annoys our friends etc, filling up the feed with all the status’s ‘I love suchablody for such a great giveaway’…blah blah.

Well this particular one I would spam my wall for all day, an amaznig chance for 1 photographer to have a 2 day private workshop all expenses paid from anywhere in the world with Andee from Crave Photography, if you haven’t seen her work head on over to Crave Photography on Facebook or even her website Crave Photography website

Thank you so much for the chance, it’s  a lottery but if you dont try you have no chance, good luck everyone xxx

Dont forget to have read all about the giveaway and the other 6 vendors who are also donating Crave’s Blog

Alexandra Burke

OH MY what can I say??  Took daughter last night (07/02/2011) to Blackpool’s Opera House as part of her christmas present, excited was not the word for it.  We arrived and literally just walked in (no tickets were checked and neither was my bag, which had my canon 40d and a lens on it), I’m not complaining ;).

I have to say as an ‘oldie’ I wasnt so keen on either of the support acts but my daughter enjoyed the girl band, parade.

Alexandra arrived on the stage to lots of screaming (including me, had to embarrass daughter somehow…though it didn’t work) and she went straight in with broken heels, everyone was up singing and dancing, I wont go through the whole play list as i cant remember it all but I’ll never forget her singing halleujah it was extremely moving, the concert came to an end??? well daughter thought so but I didn’t as she had not sung my son’s favourite song, lo and behold they started drifting back on stage and then again she appeared at the top of the stairs and sang it….Bad Boys, how could she not??

Oh and a quick mention about one outfit, the most beautiful white dress I have seen, she looked stunning in it x

365 November

Well November was a quiet month really so a big mix of photo’s, flowers, pumpkins, my son some cakes,I did have a trip to london with work near the end and we visited winter wonderland at Hyde Park and selfridges, I love the picture I took of a bauble in there 😉 fits a few people we all know..lol..


A quick guide for the basic montage on Picasa

Obvious one sorry download Picasa.

Allow folders to be added to the program, if you want to use images from different folders I suggest you make a new folder and have them all images together that you wish to use

When you click on folder it will automatically highlight  all images, click the first one then ctrl and click the remainding ones you wish to use.

click make collage.

Once you have done that you have choices from the dropdown boxes,

size of image

portrait ot landscape

also you can change the set up of images, montage or even poloroid where you can write on them.

once you have it the way you want, save….

you will then have the options to add text, saturation ect, I use this feature then right click save again to ensure that you have saved the extras.

Hope this helps, any questions dont hesitate to ask.


What do you class as street photography? personally its all I see around me whether it be people, animals or objects

Everyone see things differently and in photographs we represent what we see, here is a selection of street photography that you may normally see People

A various selection, some just from putting the camera down or something that caught my eye whilst wondering the markets,  the 1 of the man on stairs, I took that when walking past so a quick shot and when I looked at it once home its an image that hits hard to me, solitude, lonely maybe even homeless.

A few more of my attempts at street photography, if you have ideas or suggestions on improving or trying different approaches please leave a comment.

Sorry have just relisead I duplicated one, the newspaper, I was sat in a small coffee bar on a sunday morning in Brick Lane, I sat my camera down and just pressed, I got that image, but for me I really like the final one I wish to share with you, same coffee bar same morning, a group of men sat around chatting and I can only presume waiting for the right time to set their market stall up 🙂

Enjoy and again thanks for reading


365 October

Oh where do I start, I had been very excited about October approaching for some time, Train was booked and so was hotel…mobile numbers exchanged and I was ready, well nearly had to have hair and nails done 😉 but before that day arrived I still had 2 weeks to fill, so transport theme continued, adding things like my little mans major buggy, it’s his form of transport and I did a charity week, I went around 7 local charity shops and found some products, This was actually a lot harder than you think as I didnt want all the same type of thing, but I managed to get them and in the process helping them.

Ok big week time now 🙂 build up done and off to london I go, met up with friends and had a great time, finally the end of the month revolved around a birthday 🙂

Oh and Mr Box arrived :), he has been to America and Australia upto now.